About Us

LIT (adjective): "really good, intense, fun, and exciting."
Synonym: poppin', off the chain, turnt up

Now that we've cleared that up, welcome to another twist on the term. The "lit" in Get Lit, Sis! actually refers to...(wait for it, wait for it) LITERATURE! 

Welcome, my lit (literary) sis, to your fashion line designed with readers and writers in mind! Maybe you're an author hustling to write stories your audience craves. Perhaps, you're an avid reader who can't wait to dive into a page. Either way, Get Lit, Sis! is bringing fashion fits that celebrate you and what you do.  

Yep! Just like you, we have mad, crazy (or "intense") love for literature. That's why Get Lit, Sis! is here for you, boo. So, help yourself to fun fashions that tell the world you're a word star. Whether it's reading or writing. Sis, get lit!

P.S. we're so lit, we even have a Virtuous Women's Wear collection for sisters bold and bad enough to swag, not just their fiction love, but their faith!