Meet Your Lit Sis

Hi, I'm Suzette! I'm the proud woman behind Get, Lit Sis! Guess what? I love literature. I'm a gluttonous bookworm who loves reading so much that I write as well.

I love literature because reading is fundamental, quintessential...and it's socially acceptable voyeurism. We readers get to step into other people's business and "spill the tea" constantly. We travel. We escape. We celebrate. We laugh, and rage. We love. We lose. We regain. Then we finish that book, and close the page. (Or swipe it off if you're an eReading wonder). But I digress...

Back to you meeting this here lit sis. 

I'm a wife, mother, avid reader, and award-winning author whose creativity sometimes gets crazy. I bake. I design shirts. I write. I sing. Recently, I asked myself, "How can you synthesize these things?" Well, Get Lit, Sis! is one answer to that self-imposed question.

Here at Get Lit, Sis! it's all about celebrating our mutual love of reading and writing. You'll find designs for readers and writers. So grab a shirt and declare your passion for literature to the world. You'll find yourself feeling chic, and in fashionably good company.

Happy reading,